Our world is broken

The human being is a natural disaster. Wherever we go, we leave rubble and ash behind on the planet. And people suffer from it – sometimes even far away. We can’t save the world, but we have to try!

More than 30,000 dead

“The death toll in the Turkish-Syrian border area has risen to 30,000, and the UN expects many more.” [TAZ]

In Merseburg there is a Turkish community consisting of fled opposition figures, Kurds… We want to help support their families by enabling people in the Saalekreis district to sponsor people in the area affected by the earthquake. All information here…


On February 28, 2022, we sat together for the first time and pondered how many people we can pick up from Ukraine, where we can accommodate them, and what is necessary to carry out such an action.
You all know how it all ended: more than two hundred people in seven convoys to the Saale district; several trucks full of groceries, medicines and medical equipment to Ukraine (Odessa + Cherson).

Initiatives like ours shot up all over Germany. What has happened in Europe since February 2022 has shed light on a conflict that has been bringing suffering to so many people for much longer. In addition, since September there has been the bitter fight for freedom in Iran and the attacks on Armenia that violate international law.

We at humaniSK want to be a contact point for all people in the Saalekreis who are facing extraordinary challenges. That is why we focus our work on supporting Migras with trauma, disabilities or chronic illnesses. At the same time, our doors are open to anyone who is looking for help. Then we will find the right contact point together.

We started in February 2022 with the crazy idea of being there 24/7 for those who need us. That is still our claim. Reality sometimes doesn’t allow that because we are few. But we want to give everything for you!